Pop the Gator is an odd phrase to some, but to a certain group of music lovers and makers it evokes some vivid memories (and some hazy recollections.)

From 1989-1994 a tight knit community came together at Pop the Gator on Queen Street to hear music from both established and emerging artists. Glenn Smith and partners created a space for hearing great music and just having a good time.

“I was a pretty young guy in Kitchener collecting blues records, and it went from a point of a guy collecting records to having a club, and instead of just listening to these guys I could phone them up and have them come up here and play in my club.”

Pop the Gator wasn’t the only venue that held these incredible acts. The Hoodoo Lounge, located in what was once the old Mayfair Hotel was a popular spot for KW music lovers. Shows at the Legion followed and drew a similar crowd before Pop the Gator’s opening in March of ’89.

Take a look below at posters from past entertainers:

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